1. String theory tries to give a unified description of all particles and forces operating between them.

    One of the main successes of string theory is that it has been able to unify the general theory of relativity, which describes gravity, and quantum mechanics.

    Unfortunately a direct test of string theory requires colliding extremely high energy particles and observing the result of this collision. It is impossible to achieve this with present technology.

    This problem is not unique to string theory.

    Any direct experimental test of quantum nature of gravity will require such high energy collisions. Given that such energies are not available today, we have two choices: either give up attempts to find a quantum theory of gravity or try to use existing knowledge to do the best we can. String theory follows the second path.

    Requiring that the theory is mathematically consistent has led to many new results in mathematics. Without these mathematical relations, string theory would fail to be a consistent theory.

    But so far all such new relations found in string theory have proved to be correct, providing further evidence for the underlying consistency of the theory.


  3. "We explore the possibility that the fundamental theory of nature does not contain any scale."

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    What exactly is going on inside of a depressed person? We look at the scientific basis for depression, and shed light on the fact that it is a disease with biological, psychological, and social implications.

    We can see it in our biology, in our genes and in our actions. For those who are depressed, it’s not simply something they can ‘get over’ and ‘be more positive about’. If you know somebody who is suffering, please be compassionate and know that depression is a serious illness and requires genuine recovery/help. 

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