1. "I think that I discovered yesterday a theory of quaternions"

  3. "Because banks are magic, and if you look too hard at how the magic happens, you might stop believing in it."
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  9. poko cool

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  11. "Para contornar a reação de correligionários valiosos, Marina Silva precisará de argumentos melhores do que lhe bastaram para aderir ao candidato do PSDB, em vez de “rejeitar as duas candidaturas”. Rede se remenda. O PSB, não."
  12. To use the quantum properties of electron liquids as bits, researchers would have to manipulate certain particles inside them, known as non-Abelian anyons, so that they loop around one another. And while physicists expect that non–Abelian anyons exist, none have been conclusively detected.

    Majorana particles, the kind of non-Abelian anyons that Station Q and its collaborators seek, are particularly elusive. First predicted by the reclusive Italian physicist Ettore Majorana in 1937, not long before he mysteriously disappeared, they have captivated physicists for decades because they have the unique property of being their own antiparticles, so if two ever meet, they annihilate each other in a flash of energy.

    (via Microsoft’s Strange Quest for the Topological Qubit | MIT Technology Review)